What to Expect

Considering counselling can be daunting, but you wouldn’t be on this website if you weren’t thinking of making a change — to think, feel, and act differently. Remember that counselling isn’t about something being wrong with you; it’s about bridging the gap between knowing how you want to be and being that person.

What can I expect after I contact you?

You can expect that I’ll ask what promoted you to call me. Often the response is a concern for someone else, or that someone else suggested trying counselling, or a general dissatisfaction with life. 

I’ll ask you what you want to get from counselling.

How will you know you got what you needed? This is a harder question. Most often we know what we don’t want, not what we do want.

In order to maintain a high standard of care, Kate is not currently accepting new clients.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a tough question to answer and depends on the answers to the questions above and your finances. I’ll work with you to customize an approach that works for your needs and finances. I do know this: I value creating tools and actions that you can use immediately and creating longer term coping patterns for living well.

Bottom line: working on our emotional and mental health is much like physical health — it’s an ongoing, lifelong process that becomes a wellness habit.

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