I understand that human brains are set to survival — and that’s a really good mechanism. I also understand that surviving, getting through, or getting over something is very different than integrating an experience and thriving.

I help my clients live life fully. Therapy can be hard at times, but I walk the journey with my clients.

I believe all of us can use support, information, and tools to learn to prevent, manage, or modify behaviours, feelings, and thoughts that hold us back.

I work with clients online or by phone.

Learn more about sessions, including what to expect from counselling and your interactions with me and my commitment to confidentiality.

What I do: Getting from what you don’t want to what you do want

I ask questions that help bring awareness and understanding to underlying feelings, patterns, and thoughts. I create space for all parts of you to have a voice.

I talk with you and offer feedback.

I help you learn to speak the language of your nervous system, so you can affect the change you want.

How it helps: Opening up choices

As a client said, “I was led on a path of guided discovery where I was able to sit, think, and reflect… it opened up choices.”

Stress narrows choices and limits our opportunities. Using talk therapy, mind-body approaches, and EMDR therapy, my approach helps you open up options, opportunities, and choice.