I take my responsibility to protect your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and do everything in my power to safeguard your interactions with me.


Our appointments are confidential.

This means I do not talk to anyone about what we talk about without your permissions. Exceptions to this are a court-ordered release of your clinical file, suspected child abuse, confidential clinical consultations, or if I think you or someone else are in immediate danger of harm.

Technology-enabled Communication

It is important to remember that there are limits to privacy online. While all effort is put into maintaining confidentiality, I cannot fully guarantee that online messages, emails, texts, and other forms of technology-enabled communication will remain entirely secure.

Technology-enabled communication (such as emails, voicemail messages, of Zoom conversations) can be subject to computer system errors, human error, and network errors that may result in messages accidentally going astray.

If you communicate confidential or private information via technology-enabled methods, I will assume you have made an informed decision and agree to take the risks inherent with such communication.